My name is Patti Paccagnan, founder of Full Potential Living. I live in Calgary, Alberta where I was born and raised. My greatest teachers are my two children -  19 year old Isaac and 21 year old Julia - and my husband of over 25 years. 

As a Registered Nurse, Educator, Internationally Certified Life Coach and Speaker my mission is to empower young people with knowledge and strategies so they can lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

It takes courage to recognize your life can be different. If you are ready to step towards creating more fulfillment, I would be honoured to join you on your journey. 

“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible." 

— Joel Brown

Getting to know me...

Professional journey

I was born with an inquisitive nature, questioning the way things are done and experimenting with new approaches. This theme formed the foundation my 20+ year nursing career where, with leading medical experts,  I created and applied revolutionary, evidence-based approaches that enabled people to overcome challenges and live more fully. 

Key highlights include

  • Developing an online resiliency-building program for youth 
    • Received the Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addictions True Imagination Award
    • Provided guidance to the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a Steering Committee Member (2015) View Article
  • Facilitating clinical non-drug trials with youth and adults that significantly reduced depression as participants gained new perspectives and life skills 
  • Providing care, education and wellness-based strategies to clients in integrative medicine clinics,  included various diagnostic and treatment modalities such as homeopathy, nutrition, bach flowers, homeopathy, electro-dermal screening, thermography, biological terraine assessment, ozone therapy, and numerous intravenous therapies. 

Today, at Full Potential Living, I offer services that integrates knowledge gained from these professional experiences.  I also draw on my passionate for learning and will offer you an abundance of ideas and strategies to propel you forward. You can expect me to be honest, vulnerable, compassionate and authentic. This is a space of limitless possibilities where you are free to create and explore anything you desire. 

Overcoming personal Challenges 

As a 3-year-old I was carefree, confident and ready for a new adventure. It never crossed my mind that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. 

Gradually this changed. I started to doubt myself, lose confidence and shut down. I became quiet, shy and self-critical. Life was stressful as I focused on being what I thought others wanted me to be. I found myself going through the motions of life – uninspired and unfulfilled. 

Then I was faced with challenges that prompted me to re-evaluate who I am, what I believe and my purpose. I immersed myself in learning about self-development, reading books from authors like Louise Hay and Caroline Myss, and taking courses on meditation and intuition. As my personal life threw me more challenges I continued to seek a deeper understanding of myself and my life.

As I applied what I was learning, the true me started to emerge once again. My negative thinking decreased as my energy levels and confidence improved. I found myself waking up in the morning filled with gratitude, passion and joy. It didn't happen overnight - it was a gradual process. It was like climbing a mountain one step at a time. Each step representing a lesson learned, a new piece of knowledge or a shift in perspective.

These experiences have inspired me to create Full Potential Living and support people who are going through a similar journey of finding their voice, overcoming challenges and creating a fulfilling life. My greatest passion is inspire and empower others who are willing and ready to move towards reaching their full potential. 

Everyone's journey is unique and we all experience challenges. It is by working through our challenges that we gain strength and wisdom that propels us forward.


- Registered Nurse (RN, BN),  20+ years experience in Youth Resiliency, Mental Health, Integrative Medicine, Clinical Research and Spirituality               

- Certified Life Coach (CLC)

- ICF Board Member, Calgary Chapter (2015)

- Coach Training Facilitator, Rayner Institute 

- Journey Practitioner, Brandon Bays Transformational and Healing Work 

- Diploma of Homeopathy (D.I.Hom.), The British Institute of Homeopathy


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