Hi. I'm Patti Paccagnan. Three years ago I resigned from a Calgary charity where I had worked for over 15 years as a Registered Nurse. I wanted more. It was time for me to apply what I had learned over the years to support others to build resilience and create more fulfillment in their lives. 

I reflected on how much my life had changed. In my 20s I measured success by the opinions of others leaving me feeling disconnected. Gradually this shifted, but it took many years. It was a process of gaining knowledge and applying new insights to my own life. I was able to gradually align my life with what was most important to me. 

It is this experience that inspired me to create Full Potential Living and support people who are going through a similar journey of finding their voice, overcoming challenges and creating fulfilling lives. My greatest passion is to inspire and empower others who are willing and ready to move towards reaching their full potential. 


REGISTERED NURSE (RN, BN; University of Calgary) current registration  

  • Mental Health Nurse at Mount Royal University (2016 - present), promoting mental health to students, staff and faculty through medical assessment, triage and self-care strategies
  • 25+ years experience working with leading medical experts in the fields of Mental Health, Youth Resilience, Integrative Medicine, Clinical Research and Spirituality



BOARD MEMBER: ICF Calgary Chapter (2015), Calgary Girls School


JOURNEY PRACTITIONER, Brandon Bays Transformational & Healing Work 

DIPLOMA OF HOMEOPATHY (D.I.Hom.), British Institute of Homeopathy

Getting to know me...

I live in Calgary, Alberta where I was born and raised. My greatest teachers are my two children -  19 year old Isaac and 21 year old Julia - and my husband of nearly 25 years. 

My mission is to support young people to strengthen existing life skills and build resilience so they can lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.

It takes courage to recognize your life can be different. If you are ready to step towards creating a life you truly want to live, I would be honoured to join you on your journey. You can expect me to be honest, vulnerable, compassionate and authentic.

Everyone's journey is unique and we all experience challenges. It is by working through our challenges that we gain strength and wisdom that propels us forward. My clients often report that it is easy to open up to me as they feel accepted and understood. 

Professional expertise - Key Highlights: 

  • Promoting the mental health of university students and faculty (assessment, triage, effective strategies)
  • Providing care, education and wellness promoting strategies in medical & integrative medicine clinics
  • Developing an award-winning resiliency-building program for young adults (collaborative team included psychiatrists and health researchers)
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada Steering Committee Member (2015) View Article
  • Facilitating non-drug clinical trials with youth and adults to reduce depression severity through new perspectives and life skills 


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“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible." 

— Joel Brown