What are You Watering this Summer?

It’s Summer, one of my favorite times of the year. The birds are chirping and the fruit is ripening. I feel a sense of wonder as I step into my garden and can practically see it flourishing right before my eyes. A deep part of me wants more of this, more of the peace and connection that I see around me.

As humans, we spend a lot time in auto-pilot. We are programmed to do and as a result have an endless lists of things to accomplish. The things we do are important - especially our job, family and relationships - yet being in this endless state of doing can take its toll.

Summer reminds me that I can make a conscious choice to shift into being more present and connected. I can pay more attention to my thoughts, as being aware of them is the first step in changing them. When I hear a fearful news story I can recognize my response and then focus on how I can make a difference. It might be as simple of sending love and wisdom to our leaders so they can make choices that best support our country. I know that the more I focus on being present the more energy and time I will have.

Feel free to join me. Become more mindful. Consider what you are watering in your life. Is it supporting you or hindering your growth? Mindfulness is a tool that allows us to let go of what is no longer serving us and create new opportunities. Wishing you a peaceful and nourishing summer.

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Opportunity to Support Struggling Youth: Please Vote!

Help launch the Youth Empowerment Project!

I have developed workshops where youth gain skills to build confidence, manage stress and be more resilient. Youth are challenged to think differently and learn about science-based approaches such as neuroplasticity and mindfulness. 

Vote now to support our youth! 

Your vote is needed to fund this project through the Field Law Community Fund. Each vote will take me one step closer to launching this important project. Votes are accepted until June 17th, 2016.  

Voting is simple: 

  1. Go to http://fieldlawcommunityfund.com/idea/youth-empowerment-project/ 
  2. Click "Vote"
  3. Vote again. You can vote once per device AND once per browser (i.e. chrome, explore, safari).

Please forward this email to anyone who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth. Every vote counts!! 

Thank you for your support!! :)